"Music fights against the system that teaches to live and die" - Bob Marley

Track: Lifespan
Artist: Vaults

There’s always one song that keeps me jumping back on the tumblr horse. This shit is dope, the dopest dope you’d ever smoke.

Track: Don’t Tell Me  
Artist: Just Friends
Label: Other People

Over the last few years Nicholas Jaar has grown to become one of my ALL TIME favorite artists, providing an enveloping, visceral sound that attacks music from an untouched dimension. Jaar’s music taught me how to hear music on another level, from a completely different perspective especially on his latest album Darkside, which tickled your IQ until it purred like a little kitty. The latest subscription to his boutique label Other People have continued in this trend with Nico and STEVEN SPEILBERG’S DAUGHTER (Sasha) teaming up to produce a tasteful, exciting track that floods every square inch of your hungry pallet.

Track: Stay With Me
Artist: Sam Smith (Shy FX Remix)

RAAAHHHH that lad Sam Smith is up to his old tricks! Stay With Me his latest accolade to touch human ears; sporting a Shy FX shake-up the track has been licked with a dressing of REGGAE REGGAE sauce and transformed in a pacey sunshine sizzler. This DANK beat might just be the first evidence of summers light shining through the interstices of winters chilly grip. 

Track: Move Slow (GANZ Remix) 
Artist: Pat Lok

Whaaaatt up you FILTHY hobos? I trust you spent your weekend in a far from decorous manner; pretending you know the name of the person you woke up next to and trying to explain to your parents why you and your pals all have matching butterfly tattoos.. 

Now, I know we all FUCKING hate Mondays, the devil’s day. A day that has the sole purpose of reminding you just how FUCKING drunk you got the night before. Well, what if I told you there was a get out of jail free card, one song that might just take away those Monday sorrows and lift your head in optimism that the end of the week is on it’s way.

GANZ’s remix of Pat Lok’s aptly named Move Slow is that release. A perfect remix with trenchant alterations that transforms the mood with such conviction that you almost forget the original existed. Dark and chilling electronic tones soothe your ears while the luscious vocal arrangement teases you with sex appeal and seduction. I’m naked.

Track: Starting Line 
Artist: Kito & Reija Lee
Label: Mad Decent

YYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. For those of you SUCKERS that have survived another week without jamming a FUCKING pencil into your brain, a flippin’ sweet weekend awaits. London based producers Riko & Reija have blown the lid off this Friday night with an absolute dream of a track, perfect to kick things off.. Silky electric synths wrapped in soft padded bass makes this track the music equivalent to Ryan Gosling wearing a duffle coat. Are you weeping? Me too.

Track: All Is Fair In Love And Brostep
Artist: Skrillex
Label: OWSLA
Album Title: Recess
Rating: 17/20

This is FUCKING class. For me Skrillex has always been an artist that can single-handedly silence the trolling sub-genre snobbery, with his infectiously unique tracks packed with electronic fusillades that could crush a giant dinosaur, his pedigree is often far purer than haters give him credit for. Stupid FUCKS. Recess is a frantically diverse album with a playful SWAG that goes beyond his outdated label of a build up and drop artist. His progression from being just a wub-wub-wub producer gives you the impression Skrillex is taking his experimental sound to a place untouched by others, leaving him well ahead of the curve. Class dismissed. 


1. All Is Fair In Love And Brostep
2. Recess
3. Stranger
4. Try It Out
5. Coast Is Clear
6. Dirty Vibe
7. Ragga Bomb
8. Doompy Poomp
9. Fuck That
10. Ease My Mind
11. Fire Away

Track: Revolution (Vocal Mix)
Artist: R3hab & Nervo & Ummet Ozcan

Those bat-shit crazy blonde twins are at it again!! … No you Fucking saps I’m not talking about Jedward. Nervo, Ummet Ozcan and R3hab collide to form a team tighter than the Chinese gymnasts, producing a track that leaks vibrancy from every pore. The high octane bed of synths are laced perfectly with NERVO’s soaring vocals creating an elevated feeling of Euphoria only to be fucking PUNISHED by the spiky dropping bass that proceeds it. Definitely worth a listen, go on, PRESS PLAY NOW. 

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